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Daily maintenance of duplex gyratory screen


Duplex gyratory screen is a high precision screening machine, which is mainly composed of screen box, driving device, screen frame, support and vibration damping device.

It is mainly used in screening operation like silica sand, chemical powder, refractory materials, building materials industries. Here is our brief introduction of gyratory screen daily maintenance:

1. Check if all the components are normal, whether the fasteners are loose or not, especially the vibration motor;
2. In the process of operation, please stop the machine at once and inspect if any abnormal sound is found , don not put into operation unless eliminate the failure;
3. It is an initial stage that motor running accumulated within 100 hours, during this period, please fasten the foundation bolt regularly;
4. You can shut down the gyratory screen after confirming the material inside the screen is empty ,so as to avoid material blockage;
5. Check the screen and clear the screen mesh regularly, check tension condition of screen mesh and see if there is degree.

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